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Lindy Fralin

Lindy Fralin and his small team have been making custom wound pickups for a very long time. Lindy Fralin spends his days working an industrial winding machine that looks vaguely like a 1960s-era lathe.

Fralin works out of a quiet, second-floor office in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond. To make a pickup, he loads magnets and a casing into his winding machine and punches in the exact number of rotations he wants.  The number of turns is part of his secret sauce that makes his products so good, he says.  "We take pride in making the finest electric guitar pickups available. Using the highest quality materials, our pickups are assembled and wound by hand one at a time. This quality control is how we give you the loudest, flattest frequency response possible with the fewest turns of wire."

Early on, he was frustrated that his instruments never sounded quite right. That’s when he started thinking about pickups. A friend in Richmond showed him how to wind them himself on a homemade machine. At that point, he was 21. “I was in a band, trying to be a full-time musician,” he said. “We weren’t very good.”

An article in Premier Guitar magazine referred to Fralin as “one of the most knowledgeable pickup guys on the planet.” And in their annual gear guide, the magazine’s editors noted his products have been regarded as the “Cadillacs of aftermarket pickups since the ’90s.”  

We could not have put it better and he often answers his own phone and is very patient when discussing specifications and changes to his recipies.  We are very glad to be one of the few dealers for his pickups in the UK.. we love them and we are sure you will also.


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