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Callaham Guitars

It is hard to overstate the impact of fitting Callaham parts from the simple solidity of the Neck Plate through to the huge tonal improvements of the Tremolo Block or complete Strat or Tele bridge kits, whether upgrading or building from scratch you really cannot get better hardware than Callaham.

Callaham replacement parts are simply the best parts available today. "We have direct control of nearly all our parts. A lot are made in-house and the production of others I can oversee in person".

The parts Callaham Guitars manufacture are made from specific alloys to produce the widest possible frequency response. "We are not interested in reproducing the mistakes from the past with just a flawed reproduction. We want to make playing your guitar easier by making the instrument respond quickly and effortlessly. Trying to sustain a note with fullness should be easy not work. Having note separation in your chord voicing should be automatic". Callaham's hardware is aimed to deliver just that. People are under the grave misconception that vintage electric guitars sound better than new guitars. The facts are only a few vintage instruments sound exceptional. Most sound average just like today's guitars. The problem is not the wood with either. It is the hardware. Whether you are trying to upgrade an existing guitar or build a new guitar, Callaham hardware will produce an exceptional sounding instrument without question.

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